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about our company

Charley and Aaron

As lifelong friends growing up in the Canton-Akron area, we had taken successful, but differing career paths within our community. Yet as we both grew older and our sense of community stronger, we began discussing the possibility of merging such career paths, of building something together, something that could also serve the community that raised us. So, in the Fall of 2022, after more than a few long dinners (and maybe a few bottles of wine too), we decided that a cleaning business would satisfy both our desire to accomplish something together, as well as help give back to our community in a truly tangible way. We reminded ourselves that we had watched and learned from the best, our parents and grandparents, who took great pride in keeping a clean home, for both their families and their guests. Using that memory as our guide, we and our expert staff at The Cleaning Solution are now proud to offer you a truly custom cleaning experience, unique to each client’s home, and built on the idea that your home and our community deserve the best.



Cleaning Services
“I was amazed by the quality of service I received from TCS. They were able to clean my entire house in a matter of hours, and the results were outstanding.”
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